The Farm

Honey Pot Farm is an adapting work in progress much as myself.  In August 1994, I stepped on this land and knew I was home.  I have never felt that way anywhere or at anytime.  In that moment I was chosen the next steward of this land.

The land was purchased from the DiMarino family and it was under their care for more 40 years.  I stand on the shoulders of Italian immigrants who kept care of this hunting camp.  Pasquale and Caterina built a refuge reflective of a respectful relationship with the Land.  

We are the first to live here full time and I can not imagine living anywhere else. I raised two sons here, have always grown my own food, and tried to live in closer synchronicity with this palpable magic.

Kelly and I blended our families in 2006 and our foundation is built upon a hand made life supported by the Spirit of Honey Pot Farm.  This land is an evolving vision based on the eusocial system of the bees. Everyone has a job and purpose at every part of their lives, and all work towards a thriving colony or family.  Individual needs are secondary to family well being. 

I am blessed to be supported and guided by this Land that I can see, feel, and touch daily.  It has been an honor to open and share the land further for any to experience the Heart of Honey Pot Farm.  Welcome.